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Fallout 76 servers crash after synchronised triple nuke launch

It turns out that Fallout 76 servers have as much chance of surviving a barrage of three nukes as your frail, fleshy body. Mild spoilers ahead.

A group of Fallout 76 players synchronised the launch of three nukes on the map, but as they neared ground zero, the servers crashed and they were kicked from the game. Whatever radioactive monstrosities were incubated in the nuclear fires will remain a mystery for now.

YouTuber Nickaroo93 shared the escapades of his group who deployed the nukes after defeating the Scorchbeast Queen. In case you haven't been keeping up with the various tidbits of Fallout 76 news, Scorchbeasts are high-level enemies that appear after nuking a Fissure Site, with the Queen being a level 95 unit that you have to defeat as part of a timed-event.

Digital Trends reports that the players put in enough time in the beta to access the nuke codes before the game's release, unleashing a nuke on launch day.

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The first patch for the game drops today, November 19, and will include performance fixes and optimizations, and may prevent this from happening again.

It's pretty sizeable, but Bethesda has assured players that future updates “should be much smaller in size.” Assuming that the server crash was triggered by the triple nuke strike, we'll have to wait for another band of intrepid wanderers to pepper the map with more nukes to see if it's resolved the issue.

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