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Fallout 4's survival mode comes to Elden Ring in this challenging sounding mod

Hunger, thirst, disease and more are added to your list of problems.

If you're the kind of person that played Elden Ring and thought 'this could do with a hunger meter and diseases', then this mod is for you.

You might remember that one of the post-launch updates for Fallout 4 was survival mode, a mode that added things like fatigue, thirst, and illness. It added a big challenge to the game, and kept you on your toes. Now, modder Grimrukh has made a mod that does something very similar, making FromSoftware's latest even tougher (thanks, PC Gamer).

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Grimrukh shared a first look at the mod earlier this week (June 2), detailing some of the features in it. For one, you can craft new food items to fight off hunger and thirst, which seems necessary as if you're hungry your maximum health seems to be temporarily reduced.

There's also region-specific diseases, like the Plague of Limgrave, which accelerates the effects of hunger and thirst. Thankfully though it does seem like you can acquire or craft cures to theses diseases.

The mod also adds in the ability to craft weapons, and new ways to improve said weapons while you're on the move.

Perhaps most threateningly of all are the "truly dark nights" that come with the mod. This makes it so that you basically can't see anything at all at night, the Lands Between covered in a thick, pitch black fog. You can alleviate some of this with a nice bright torch, but it certainly does make things a lot more frightening.

There also seems to be some Breath of the Wild influences in there, as a notification pops up on screen when you enter Caelid saying "The heat is draining." It looks like this starts to drain yourself, but a quickly drunken soup with heat protection can remedy that problem.

The mod should be out tomorrow, June 6, according to Grimrukh, so not long to go until you get to try it out yourself.

At least the recent update made things a bit easier to balance things out.

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