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Fallout 4: how to get a weapon with guaranteed unlimited ammo capacity

Never reload, never take your finger off the trigger. Here's where to find a laser rifle with guaranteed unlimited ammo capacity.


Fallout 4 certainly has its share of powerful weapons. There are the unique weapons that you can find and occasionally buy, giving you a lethal plaything with its own perk.

And then there's the Legendary Weapons, which you'll find dropping at random. These vary in usefulness, but one particular buff that stands out is any weapon with the "Never Ending" prefix. It basically means you'll never have to reload the weapon. Unfortunately, as these are random drops, getting such a weapon is down to pure luck.

There's an exception. It turns out there's an experimental unique gun that benefits from unlimited ammo capacity and isn't a random find. It's hidden somewhere deep on the map, but with this guide you'll be able to track it down and add it to your arsenal.

Where to find the Prototype Up77 Limitless Potential


Get your ass over to University Point and have a quick recon. It's a big place, but you're looking for a bank. When you face the main bank entrance, don't go inside. Instead, got to the left and around into a restaurant with tills and a dead customer or two.

Here you'll find a terminal and a steel door to the University Credit Union.


Before you attempt that door, go up two flights of stairs to the top floor where you'll find a terminal at a desk. Read all the Mayor's notes on the computer. You'll find Gerald's Vault password, which you will need later.


Now go downstairs and crack the terminal to gain access. You're now inside the bank. Go down another flight of stairs to the vault. Use Gerald's password to open it and take a look at the loot inside.

There's a two safes on the wall to your right as you go in - Master and Advanced picking required - giving up loads of ammo for all types of weapons. Fill your boots.


But the safe you really want is right in front of you. You need Master skills to crack it. Open it and you'll find a big red button. Press the button and a hidden door opens in the wall to your right.


Inside the secret lab you'll find the Prototype Up77 Limitless Potential laser rifle.

It has unlimited ammo capacity. To get the most out of it you'll need to mod it (there's a weapons bench here) so make sure your Science Perk is high.


Unlimited ammo capacity means you'll never have to reload. You can basically keep your finger on the trigger and blast until all your fusion cells are gone. It's rapid fire, and you also might want to sort that recoil out.

Now go put it to use on some synth scum.

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