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Teleporting synths delivering pizzas? It must be a great new Fallout 4 mod

There’s nothing like a piping hot Institute Special from Father Shaun’s.

A synth holding a pizza in Fallout 4.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda/Bella

There’s now a Fallout 4 mod that allows you to order a pizza from the Institute and have it delivered to you in very rapid fashion by a teleporting synth delivery boy.

Yes, this is an actual thing, and if you’ve decided to kick off another romp through The Commonwealth after watching the trailer for Amazon’s Fallout TV Series, it looks pretty perfect for keeping your Sole Survivor well-fed during their adventures. After all, who hasn’t ended up fancying a margarita while wandering through some irradiated ruins?

That seems to be the sentiment behind Hrodeberht1 and Bella’s ‘Syntho Pizza - Commonwealth Pizza Delivery’, which allows you to order a “rad-free pizza made from BioScience's best ingredients” and have it quickly delivered by a synth that’ll be teleported to your location. Or, as the mod’s description declares: “The Institute finally decided to actually do something useful for the future of mankind (or maybe it's just a PR stunt), and now offers pizza delivery to the people of the Commonwealth.”

As you can see in this showcase video, orders can be placed from anywhere in the wasteland via a new Pip-Boy holotape called ‘Syntho Pizza’, which you can find lying around in a number of Institute-related locations. You’ve got six different pizzas to choose from, all of which restore 60 health and have been given wonderfully-fitting Falloutified monikers, such as a fungi-topped one called the ‘Mushroom Cloud’.

Once you’ve made your choice and decided whether you want to leave a tip, you’ll get a handy notification telling you that your pizza’s being baked, then a synth will pop into existence nearby and hand you your grub. By default, you’ll be charged 25 caps per pizza, but this is customisable with help from Reg2k, Neanka, and shadowslasher410’s ‘Mod Configuration Menu’.

This isn’t the first time Hrodeberht1 and Bella have done something like this in a Bethesda game, with this latest work being a port of the Skyrim mod ‘Necro Pizza - Skyrim Pizza Delivery’, which they released back in 2021. They’ve also put out a version for Oblivion, ‘Necro Pizza Cyrodiil - Oblivion Pizza Delivery’, last month.

Unlike the infamous ‘Nickies' Pizzablivion’, which makes it possible (depending on where you live) to order an actual real life pizza to your door by talking to one of the game's funny-looking NPCs, the pizzas in these mods are entirely virtual, they still look pretty delicious! So, order away!

If you love a good Bethesda RPG, be sure to check out our coverage of the latest must-have mods for Starfield and Fallout 4, as well as our recent interview with the creator of Enclave-themed mod America Rising.

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