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Fallout 4 mod lets you attach all weapon mods to all guns

What if you could attach any weapon mod to any weapon in Fallout 4?


Any Mod Any Weapon is the name of a new Fallout 4 mod that allows you to use any weapon mod with any weapon. With the exception of melee weapons, you can pretty much go wild.

Mod creator LucasGod gives the example of attaching the rocket launcher's lock-on sights to any other weapon. Imagine that. However, whatever crazy combination you could come up with, you may find an enemies using it.

According to Lucas, you can install the mod, create your insane weapon, then uninstall it. Whatever you create will remain unchanged, but by removing the mod, you prevent enemies from having any custom stuff.

In addition, it also works with any other Fallout 4 mods that add or create new weapon mods that didn't exist in the vanilla game.

You can download it from here. You can also browse our list of essential Fallout 4 mods.

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