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Fallout 4 mod brings crossbows to the Commonwealth

Crossbows of the Commonwealth brings, well, crossbows to Fallout 4's Commonwealth.


If you've been itching to use something that isn't quite as advanced as firearms or as basic as melee weapons in Fallout 4, crossbows should satisfy this need.

The game doesn't have crossbows, unfortunately, but thanks to mod creator TrickyVein, it now does. The user's latest mod is called Crossbows of the Commonwealth and it's a fully featured addition, complete with different bolt types.

The crossbow itself is very customisable, letting you add or remove parts at the workbench. You'll also see raiders using it once you install the mod.

Download links and instructions can be found at NexusMods. Take a look at how it works and the different bolts in the video below.

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