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Fallout 4: how to get Grognak The Barbarian's axe and loincloth

Grognak, what is best in life? Swinging a brutal axe and strutting about in a codpiece, that's what.


There's plenty of weapons laying around the world of Fallout 4, but none more coveted than the axe of comic book hero Grognak The Barbarian.

Not only can you find, equip and use his axe in the game, but it's also possible to strut around in his loincloth for added barbaric authenticity.

Grognak's Axe is a brutal melee weapon, dishing out a whopping 42 points of damage. It also makes enemies stagger and take bleed damage. If you want to make the most of it, get the Swing For The Fences Perk which dishes out extra melee damage and gives you a chance to knock an opponents weapon out of their hands.


The loincloth isn't as exciting, but it's still a decent piece of armour, increasing strength and melee damage. Combine all of the above and you'll be lethal in hand-to-hand combat, dishing out over 50 points of damage.

Where to find Grognak's axe

You'll find Grognak's Axe inside Hubris Comics. Here's a little map:


Hubris Comics is location between Trinity Tower and Park St. Station, and isn't that far from Diamond City and that general collection of locations.

You can find your own way there, or you can do it as part of the Silver Shroud quest which sends you to Hubris Comics. You start that quest by picking up the Shroud radio broadcast and following it to Goodneighbor.


The axe is on the ground floor in a locked display case behind the counter. There are a lot of ghouls in here, so go in armed with a decent melee weapon and kill everything before you approach the axe. You'll need at least medium lock picking skills to open the display case.

To get the loincloth you'll need to go to the very top floor, fighting off the rest of the ghouls that attack. In the very far corner are some book shelves, where you'll find the loincloth and some other items.

Now you can dress up like a Jack Kirby character and brutalise your enemies!

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