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Fallout 4 - How to Build the Armor Forge

Craft your own armor with the Armor Forge.

This guide will show players how to build their own Armor Forge in Fallout 4. Players can build various new items as a part of the latest Contraptions Workshop DLC update.

The Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop update adds new Workshop tools that allow players to build complex machines that can ease one’s scavenging burden, such as an Ammunition Plant, Weapon Forge, and Armor Forge. Building a factory with these contraptions reduces the need to scavenge for weapons, gear and ammo throughout the wasteland. This guide will focus on the Armor Forge, which allows the player to manufacture their own combat armor using leftover components.

Build the Armor Forge

Start by bringing up the Workshop at one of your settlements. Navigate to Power > Manufacturing > Machinery > Armor Forge, then place the forge down where you want it. To build the Armor Forge, you will need Armorer Rank 1, as well as Steel x 10, Rubber x 4, Gears x 3, Circuitry x 2.

With the Armor Forge in place, you will also need to create a Conveyor Storage unit so that the items on the conveyor belt have somewhere to go. To build the Conveyor Storage, open the Workshop interface and navigate to Power > Manufacturing > Miscellaneous. The components required are Steel x 8, Screw x 1, Rubber x 2, and Gear x1.

There is no perk requirement to craft the Conveyor Storage. This storage unit can be attached directly to the conveyor belt on the Armor Forge itself. If you create a system of conveyor belts running from your Armor Forge, the storage unit can be connected to the end of this system of conveyor belts. There are various belts to choose from, and like the storage unit, most consist of a combination of Steel, Screws, Rubber, and Gears.

Power the Armor Forge

To power the Armor Forge, you will need to build a Generator that can produce at least 12 power. A single Fusion Generator produces more than enough power, but you can opt for a combination of Generator types depending on your setup. You will also need to build a Terminal and a Switched Power Pylon to operate the machine.

Once you have constructed each piece of your machine and have placed them where you want in your settlement, you must now string them together and connect them to the Generator. Start by connecting a wire from the Generator to the Terminal. Run another wire from the Terminal to the Switch, then connect a wire from the Switch to the Armor Forge.

The Conveyor Storage will receive power by being attached to the Armor Forge, so it should automatically become powered assuming your setup is correct. Just to reiterate, the wires should run as follows: Generator > Terminal > Switch > Armor Forge.

Now that you’ve built a fully functional Armor crafting machine, you can begin to build your own armor pieces. First, you must decide what type of armor you’d like to create, and then collect the required components. Most armor pieces will consist of Aluminum, Ballistic Fiber, Adhesive, and Steel, among other components. Approach the Armor Forge itself and transfer the necessary components from your inventory into the Armor Forge. The forge will use these components to create your armor piece.

Access the Terminal and open the Armor Forge Control menu. Select the type of armor you wish to manufacture, and review the list of required components to ensure you have the correct resources. The Armor Forge will utilize the components you transferred earlier to create your new armor. When ready, pull the Switch to build the selected armor. After a few moments, a new armor piece will arrive on the conveyor belt and can be retrieved from the Conveyor Storage.

Placing the Switch Pylon between the Terminal and Armor Forge is technically an optional step. However, the Switch comes in handy for setups that have multiple machines attached to a single Terminal. This allows you to activate specific machines by simply flipping the Switch rather than having to access a separate Terminal each time.

Now that you have your own Armor Forge, you might as well create a Weapon Forge and Ammunition Plant to complete your fully functioning factory.

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