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Creator of Skyrim's dragons and Fallout 4's deathclaws set to speak at new Bethesda community modding event

C3 looks set to be a blast and raise plenty of money for a good cause.

A Deathclaw in Fallout 4.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

If you’re a fan of Bethesda games, a new community modding event that’s set to take place on Twitch towards the end of next week looks well worth checking out, especially now that the artist behind some of Skyrim and Fallout 4’s most iconic creatures is set to make an appearance at it.

No matter whether your poison of choice is Skyrim, Fallout 4, Starfield, or something a bit more retro (sorry, old people) like Oblivion, if you’re interested in installing or creating mods for Bethesda games, the chance to get a glimpse at the work going into some of the community’s biggest projects is hard to pass up. That’s exactly what it looks like C3, the latest event organised by charity initiative Fallout For Hope, will offer, in addition to some other interesting streams.

As announced via Twitter, former Bethesda character artist Jonah Lobe, who gave the likes of Skyrim’s dragons, Fallout 4’s deathclaws, and Fallout 3’s aliens their iconic appearances, is the latest community figure set to make an appearance at the event, which is set to take place on Twitch across February 2 and 3. Much like all of the previous community events put on by Fallout For Hope, which has teamed up with the likes of Sheogorath voice actor Wes Johnson in the recent past, C3 - or Community Creations Con - is set to raise money for a good cause, with Make-A-Wish International having gotten the nod this time.

Alongside a 90 minute long talk from Lobe on February 3, the first interation of the event, which looks like it aims to become a yearly fixture in the Bethesda community’s calendar is set to feature 26 showcases of big modding projects in the works for everything from Morrowind to Starfield. Among these look to be the likes of Skyblivion and Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland, the team behind the latter of which will show off its recreation of Fallout 3’s The Pitt DLC.

Overall, somewhere in the region of “27 hours of reveals, gameplay, and knowledge” is expected to be on offer over the two days, with plenty of individual modders - such as Fallout: London and Sim Settlements modder Neeher - set to host streams as part of it, in addition to the big projects.

While you wait for it to kick off, you might want to check out some of the cool Starfield-related projects modders have been kicking off work on recently, such as this one that aims to bring Top Gun-style fighter jet ships to the game.

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