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Fallout 4 Bobblehead Locations - Find all Fallout 4 Bobbleheads Guide

Track down and collect each rare Bobblehead in the vast open world of Fallout 4. Location details for every Bobblehead in Fallout 4 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Fallout 4 Bobbleheads can be found scattered all around the map, as it's basically become a tradition now in Fallout games. In this Fallout 4 Bobblehead locations guide, we'll be detailing the complete Bobblehead locations in Fallout 4, outlining exactly how you can find all the Bobbleheads in Fallout 4, as quickly as possible on the map, and increase your character skills quickly.

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Fallout 4 Bobblehead Locations Guide

Each of these rare collectibles applies an upgrade to specific skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L character stats. For example, one of the first Bobbleheads you encounter early on is the Perception Bobblehead found inside the Museum of Freedom. Acquiring this Bobblehead permanently increases your Perception by 1. Others will increase your intelligence, charisma, endurance, and more.

Agility Wreckage of the FMS Northern Star Located on a wooden platform just past the deck huts near the very edge of the ship's bow.
Barter Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery In an upper area of the main cannery room, look in the metal catwalk hut.
Big Guns Vault 95 On top of a radio in the northernmost room of the living quarters.
Charisma Parsons State Insane Asylum On Jack Cabot's desk inside his office in the Administration area.
Endurance Poseidon Energy Within the central metal catwalk hut, find the Bobblehead on the metal desk near a magazine.
Energy Weapons Fort Hagen Found on a small table between two fridges in the southwest kitchens of the Command Center.
Explosives Saugus Ironworks On the catwalk in the Blast Furnace area, near a magazine and steamer trunk.
Intelligence Boston Public Library Found in the northwest corner of the library, in the mechanical room near the computers.
Lock Picking Pickman Gallery In the final tunnel chamber where you meet Pickman, find the Bobblehead on the ground between the brick pillars.
Luck Spectacle Island Inside a locker next to the steamer trunk, on the green boat to the south of the island.
Medicine Vault 81 Found in Curie's office, in the southeast corner of secret Vault 81.
Melee Trinity Tower Head to the very top of Trinity Tower to find the Bobblehead within the cage where Rex and Strong are held.
Perception Museum of Freedom Found upon a metal desk inside the room where you meet Preston Garvey and the others.
Repair Corvega Assemply Plant On the southwest roof section of the plant, locate this Bobblehead at the very end of the overhead exterior structure.
Science Malden Middle School (Vault 75) Within the vault building, head to Basement level 3 and locate the collectibel on a desk overlooking the Diner area.
Small Guns Gunners Plaza Found upon the broadcast desk within the on-air room on the ground floor of the building.
Sneak Dunwich Borers Locate this Bobblehead on top of a small metal table next to a lantern beside the metal post terminal.
Speech Park Street Station (Vault 114) Found inside the Overseer's office where Nick Valentine is being held.
Strength Mass Fusion Building Find this Bobblehead on top of the high metal wall statue above the lobby desk.
Unarmed Atom Cats Garage Located on top the hood of the rusty car within the main warehouse.

Still stuck for where to find the Bobblehead collectibles in Fallout 4? Check out the complete video guide for the location of every single Bobblehead in the game, just below:

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Fallout 4: bobblehead locations visual guide

As you wander the Wasteland, keep an eye out for the Commonwealth's coolest treasures - Pip-boy bobbleheads. these cute collectibles grant pretty sweet bonuses both to skills and SPECIAL stats, but you'll have to work for them; they're usually found either deep in mission dungeons, or in dead-ends if you make the effort to clear all the enemies out of areas along the main story route.

We'll be posting details of where we find these babies as we come across them. You can pay it forward by sharing your own finds, so we can document them for your fellow vault-dwellers.

Perception Bobblehead

Permanently increases Perception by 1.

In the Museum of Freedom in Concord. It's on a desk in the upstairs room where you find the trapped settlers during the main quest mission When Freedom Calls.


Melee Bobblehead

Permanently gain +25% critical damage with melee weapons.

At the very top of Trinity Tower (two elevator rides and lots of stairs), in the cell where you first meet Strong.


Speech Bobblehead

All vendors permanently have 100 more caps for bartering.

In Vault 114. It's on the desk in the room where Nick Valentine is locked up in the main story quest Unlikely Valentine.


Energy Weapons Bobblehead

Permanently gain +25% critical damage with energy weapons.

On a table between two fridges in the kitchen in the Fort Hagen Command Centre; that's the nested section of the dungeon, so push on down to the lower reaches. The kitchen is a side room in the maze of corridors leading to Kellogg during the main quest Reunions.


Repair Bobblehead

Fusion cores permanently last 10% longer.

Hidden in a sniper's perch at Corvega Assembly Plant. The area you want is to the west of the dungeon's icon if you zoom your map right in. You need to climb a lot of winding stairs and kill a lot of baddies to get here. Good luck!


Intelligence Bobblehead

Intelligence permanently increased by 1.

On a computer in a small room in the northwest corner of the Boston Public Library. This dungeon is pretty close to Trinity Tower - search to the west to find it. If you end up in the subway, you need to exit and skirt the building to find the main entrance, which may be locked.


Medicine Bobblehead

Stimpaks permanently restore +5% health.

On the desk with the terminal in the room where you find Curie during the quest Hole in the Wall, triggered on your second visit to Vault 81.


Big Guns Bobblehead

On a table in the middle level of Vault 95, which you visit on Cait's sidequest, benign Intervention. Take the door opposite the entrance to the Facilities Wing to reach this room.


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Keep in mind that you might have to delve pretty far into the story of Fallout 4 to access the locations in which some of the Bobbleheads above are found. Once you've collected them all though, you're one step closer to completing everything that the wasteland has to offer.

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