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Fallout 4 Automatron battle throws 30,000 tricked-out robots at the Commonwealth

The Fallout 4 battle to end all Fallout 4 battles... until the next DLC.

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Fallout 4 Automatron battle throws 30,000 tricked-out robots at the Commonwealth

The latest Fallout 4 battle video from Cosmic Contrarian is a 26 minute epic. 30,000 robots decked out in the finest customisations and upgrades of the Automatron DLC march on the people of the Commonwealth wasteland, all to a soundtrack provided Irving Force.

Although the human allied forces have top of the line weapons, it's still a daunting battle. The first and second waves are armies of custom sentrybots. These enemies are bad enough in the vanilla game let alone tricked out with fireballs and lasers, but the Brotherhood of Steel is prepared to meet them head on.

The sentrybots' nasty habit of exploding on death actually does the Commonwealth forces a favour, as it heavily damages nearby robots as they file up the narrow path ... until the frontlines clash, when it becomes equally hazardous to both sides.

The third wave kicks off at about 11:30 and revisits a heavily defended settlement covered in powerful turrets. Since the poor inhabitants are not wearing power armour, they need it: a legion of heavily armoured assaultron customs comes charging down the streets. Later on there's another round of sentrybots, and as the skies darken the area is lit up like Christmas with lasers and explosions. Rad.

There are some terrific little cinematic moments which emerge naturally from the chaos and are caught by Cosmic's thoughtful camera placement. If this battle teaches us anything, it's that sentrybots aren't great at doorways. Get through a narrow gap, get into cover, and position your companion to provide crossfire; that's the ticket. They're not great at getting up to elevated areas, either.

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