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Fallout 4: 3D print your own working Pip-Boy

Fallout fans who want a working Pip-Boy mount can always make their own.


The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy smartphone mount is sold out, and Bethesda has said it just can't make any more.

If you really, really want to use the RPG's second-screen functions on a smartphone strapped to your wrist in an authentic-looking Pip-Boy mount, don't let this stand in your way: make your own.

Yvo de Haas has created a custom Pip-Boy that you can assemble from 3D-printed plans and common electronics parts. Unlike Bethesda's version, it comes in three different sizes and can be adapted for all sorts of devices. Also, it has a tape deck.

Visit Ytec3D for a list of what you'll need and to download the schematics.

Update: 3D Hubs reached out to us to remind us that Fallout fans without a 3D printer (most of us, I assume) can find a local machine through its services. Something to think about.

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