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EVE Online Awakening trailer invites you in for Crucible 1.2

Think EVE Online is all spreadsheets and being blown up? No sir. Let a CG doctor guide you through your space-faring consciousness's first awakening in a universe without boundaries.

The new trailer also acts as a portal to the pilot orientation and other tutorial videos designed to help players climb the dishearteningly steep entry barrier. Check it out below.

CCP seems to be trying very hard to show new players that it's worth the effort; its last efforts in this direction, the Incarna update, was not at all well received. This new scheme looks more the ticket.

Meanwhile, for veterans, CCP has released the patch notes for Crucible 1.2, featuring the usual bug fixes but also some performance tweaks to help those with older rigs - or Macs.

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Thanks, Destructoid.

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