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Epic Working to Make Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World Controls More Similar

Greater controller parity is coming says Epic.

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Despite some shared gameplay mechanics between Fortnite's two modes, Battle Royale and Save the World, the two game modes sport two different control schemes. Something players say make it difficult to switch back and forth the two modes. Well Epic hears you, and is working to streamline the controls to make that easier on players.

Fortnite creative director Darren Sugg told USgamer via email, "Yes, we're working on bringing parity to the control schemes between the two modes. Because Save the World features class-based abilities that require additional buttons, it's not as easy as simply adapting the default Battle Royale, "Combat Pro" control scheme. The team has some ideas, though, so players should see updates in the future."

Fortnite Battle Royale's Combat Pro controls.

Late last year Fortnite Battle Royale introduced a new control scheme for gamepads called "Combat Pro" which deviates from the "Standard" Battle Royale controls. Actions like weapon selection and crouch were moved around to better streamline the game's controls while still giving access to Fortnite Battle Royale's unique building mechanics.

But Save the World also sports a unique control scheme which as Sugg says is a result of the class-based abilities. That along with the unique needs of a specifically combat-focused mode like Battle Royale and you'll find that Save the World's controls are different enough that it's caused some discomfort from players who play both modes regularly.

Speaking with a player who plays Save the World for V-Bucks they told USgamer that, "switching regularly between the two modes (and control schemes) absolutely destroys muscle memory for the controls. This really makes it difficult to excel at a competitive twitch shooter like BR, where milliseconds matter and a wrong button press often means death."

However, Epic is aware of these issues, and a new control scheme that brings greater parity between the two modes should be arriving in the future. Good thing too, considering it's one of the most widely requested features on Epic's forums and subreddit.

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