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Elden Ring datamine reveals the cover character once had a questline

Vyke might appear on the cover, but he's not in the game that much.

Some potential Elden Ring cut content discovered by a dataminer might have revealed a questline involving the game's cover art character, Vyke.

If you weren't aware of it, which would be entirely fair considering how obtuse the lore is in FromSoftware's games, the knight you can see on Elden Ring's cover art isn't actually your character. He's actually a character called Vyke, who is in the game as an invader and in a boss fight. And now YouTuber Sekiro Dubi seems to have uncovered some details that might point towards Vyke once having a questline in the game.

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In Sekiro Dubi's video, some inaccessible dialogue from Gostoc references "a rather repulsive looking knight" with armour that's "melting inwards, practically falling apart," very clearly in reference to Vyke.

Sekiro Dubi also seems to have discovered a cut questline for Vyke, but no text or audio remains from it. With dialogue options also having been removed, though still selectable.

Vyke was meant to have been summonable in Stormveil castle, and Sekiro Dubi posits that it might have been for Godfrey rather than Godrick, as the former's character model was also found to have been spawnable in another datamine. Though there's no way of knowing for sure.

Vyke's quest also had three reward, the first some Neutralizing Boluses, and then two cut items.

Let's briefly try to explain Vyke for some context as to why it's interesting he has cut content (some spoilers ahead). Like you, Vyke is Tarnished. According to item descriptions about his armour, "No other Tarnished was closer to the throne of the Elden Lord than Vyke." The description goes on to explain that Vyke went deep below the capital city, and "was scorched by the flame of frenzy."

Like many armour sets in the game, Vyke's is one you can acquire. And it is very clearly melted in a number of places, with larger finger prints embedded in the armour, likely as a result of the three fingers that reside beneath the city.

In turn, this means that Vyke would have been affected by the flame of frenzy, something that causes madness by an outer god. We can even see the moment he would have been taken over by the flame in the cover art for Game Informer's February issue cover.

We'll probably never know why Vyke's story was made more secretive, but it could simply be that it was more interesting as a mystery rather than something more directly told to you.

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