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Doom Eternal Computer Code: How to play DOOM 2 in the latest game

Doom Eternal is a modern game with an old-school heart. Behind the over-the-top gameplay and beautifully rendered viscera, it still calls back to the first-person thrill of the original series. And who knew Doomguy was a PC gamer too? With the computer code in Doom Eternal, you can unlock the Slayer’s personal rig and play the OG Doom 2 inside the latest game.

Hailing from the halcyon days of 1994, Doom 2 is an undisputed classic of the genre. All FPSs were even called “doom clones” for a while, and this first proper commercial release in the series confirmed what everyone already knew: Doom was the shooter to beat.

While the contemporary Doom games remain at the forefront of visual and technical wizardry, it’s fun to go back and take stock of what was at the bleeding edge more than two decades ago.

Doom Eternal Computer Code - How to unlock Doomguy’s computer and play Doom 2

In the Fortress of Doom, the Slayer’s orbital bachelor pad, you gain access to his private quarters, stuffed with more easter eggs than you can wave a blood-slick chainsaw at.

Tucked in the corner of the room is an old-style CRT monitor and keyboard, and it’s here that you enter the computer password to play the game.

Doom Eternal’s computer code is: FLYNNTAGGART

Enter it as all one word by pressing up and down through the alphabet on the code wheel. For a visual representation, here’s a video from YouTuber SkullSickle:

The computer code itself is a cheeky nod to Doomguy lore. Back in the nineties id released 4 novels based on the exploits of the Slayer in Doom and Doom 2. The main character’s name? Flynn Taggart.

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