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DJ Vekked cuts up Sega soundtracks like you've never heard before

DJ Vekked's latest set flips some of your favourite video game samples. You've never heard the Sega jingle sound this dope.

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Canada's DJ Vekked has submitted his routine for the DMC Online Championships and it's as funky as you'd expect from a world champion turntablist.

What makes this extra dope is the final routine based on video game samples, which starts at just after the 4 minute mark. Skip there, listen to it, go back and check out the entire mix in full.

It begins with Sega's classic jingle and includes Sonic, Altered Beast, Mortal Kombat and a whole lot more. Think you're handy with a gamepad? It's nothing compared to what this dude can do with a mixer and three turntables.

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