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Disco Elysium: How to Get to the Fishing Village and Close the Water Lock

We show you how to get across the water and into Land's End in Disco Elysium.

After a while in Disco Elysium it'll become clear that you have to leave central Martinaise and move into the marshy areas in the West. However, with the water lock that doubles as a bridge apparently broken, it doesn't seem easy. We'll show you how to cross the water lock and get to the fishing village beyond.

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How to Get to the Fishing Village and Land's End

If you want to get to the entire Western section of the map, there's only one way to do it - close and cross the water lock that broaches the canal on the left side of the pawn shop (if you haven't found either, you can do so by following the road from the Whirling-in-Rags down South until you can't go any further; it's on your left at that point).

However, when you try to pull the lever that closes the lock, you'll see that it just doesn't work. Further questioning of the area reveals that somebody damaged it with their car, and that it won't currently work.

You can close the water lock by pulling the lever on Day 3 or later. | Joel Franey/USGamer, ZA/UM

How to Close and Cross the Water Lock

There's actually no way to repair the lock yourself - you simply have to wait for somebody else to do it for you, a group of workers who will finish the repairs at the beginning of Day 3. Until then, the lock can't be used, but at that point all you need to do is go there and pull on the lever to swing it closed. After that point, all you need to do is follow the path on the other side, and you'll reach the Fishing Village, a small, dilapidated community living out of shacks and ruined buildings. Don't worry about being trapped, the lock will remain open for the rest of the game. You can even detour to the North after crossing it, and see what - and who - caused the lock to break.

Once you've made it across the lock, a map can help you locate yourself a little easier. | Joel Franey/USGamer, ZA/UM

If you found that helpful, you can always check out our guide to sleeping for free, as there's actually a place to do just that on the other side of the lock. Alternatively, head to our guide here to see where you can find your gun and badge, two things no self-respecting cop should be without.

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