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Disco Elysium: How to Find Your Gun, Badge and Bullets

We show you how to find your pistol and police badge ID after losing them.

After peeling yourself off your hostel room floor in the opening of Disco Elysium, there's several problems straight away. Your head hurts, your shirt is a bit stained, and - oh, yeah - you lost your badge and your gun, you idiot. Clearly the last thing a political hotbed like Martinaise needs is somebody waving around a policeman's firearm or claiming to be a detective when they might not be. Besides, that's your job. We'll show you how to get both items back in our handy guide here, as well as bullets to load into your gun when you get it.

Warning: The following contains minor spoilers for Disco Elysium.

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Where Are My Gun and Badge?

Unfortunately these two items aren't found together, lost at different points during your three-day binge. They're also both inaccessible until Day 3 at the very least, depending on your actions in the game, and may take longer depending on what you do. We'll start with the easier of the two first.

How to Find the Badge

Your badge is actually just past the water lock by the pawn shop, but as mentioned that's inaccessible until Day 3. Once you close the lock, however, you'll be able to cross over into Land's End. One of the first things you'll see is a wrecked car, half-sunk through the ice into the sea. Go investigate to prompt a cutscene wherein you wait for the tide to lower. After that and the discussion that goes with it, click on the car roof to search inside - your badge will be in there. Once you have it, you can access it in your inventory and choose to interact with it in order to learn more details about your own identity (if you so wish).

Your badge is found inside this broken old wreck (not you, the car). | Joel Franey/USGamer, ZA/UM

How to Find the Gun

Finding your gun is more of a hassle, not just missing but taken. You can follow its trail to a certain point by interacting with the man who owns the pawn shop, but eventually you'll have to interact with Evrart Claire, the Union Leader. He knows where the gun is, but wants you to do two favours for him first, opening a person's door and then going to get some signatures from the fishing village beyond the water lock.

You don't have to do either job properly to get him to cooperate, just complete it to a certain point. Afterwards, he'll tell you he knows who has your gun, and sets up a meeting with them for you to get it back, taking place at 22:00. When it's time, walk past and through the fishing village north to the boardwalk at Land's End, between the church and the building with the mural. There's normally nobody here, but this time there's a character waiting for you who will trigger dialogue when you get close. Whatever way the scene resolves, there'll be a moment where you can choose to either pick up the gun or throw it into the sea for good. Obviously if you do the second one, there's no getting it back.

The gun is made available after this interaction, scheduled by Evrart Claire. | Joel Franey/USGamer, ZA/UM

How to Find Bullets for Your Gun

Despite finding your gun, you'll notice that there's actually no ammunition in it. As far as we know there are two bullets to be found across the whole of Disco Elysium, and you'll want at least one of them if you want to be armed in certain interactions. Without them, your gun is no better than a theater prop.

The first one is found in the Fishing Village on Day 3+, in the shack you can rent from the old woman. If you have a high enough perception skill, you'll be prompted to investigate a section of floorboards in the top corner. There's a bullet in the sand under them.

The first bullet is hidden under a bullet in the Washerwoman's shack. | Joel Franey/USGamer, ZA/UM

The other one is found in the apartment block North of the Whirling-in-Rags, inside the apartment secured by a chain. You can break in by getting the cutters from Kim's car and passing an Interfacing check. Inside is a bust of Kras Mazov and a container in the bottom right corner - the bullet is inside that.

How to Check How Many Bullets You Have

You can check how much ammo you have at any time by going into your inventory and holding the mouse above the icon beneath the slot for your right hand. A text prompt will tell you how many you have ready.

The second bullet is in the locked communist apartment - but who put it there? | Joel Franey/USGamer, ZA/UM

If you found that helpful, you can check out how to use the Thought Cabinet and access every thought in the game at our guide here, or click this link to discover the whereabouts of your missing clothes and shoes in the game's opening chapter.

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