Skip to main content counter has nothing to do with Diablo 3

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diabloii2.jpg, no doubt terrified by the reality of "half the web" actually hitting it, has clarified that the teaser counter on its site has nothing to do with a Diablo 3 announcement. From the site:

In the past days there have been a lot of activity in the network sites after the countdown teaser. A few forum threads keep continuous debate between Diablo fans of what this announcement will be. I have given a few responses of what it is not, to make sure fans won't be thinking the wrong thing. We have made no claims and expect fans to not get caught up with the wave of speculations and rumors in the forums and the web to the point to believe them.

With that said, I will mention some of those I have ruled out since it seems fans haven't thoroughfully read all the forum posts in said thread.

Things the May 1 Announcement are not:
1. It is not an official announcement of Diablo 3
2. It is not about an upcoming Diablo novel
3. It is not a Network merge

Glad that's sorted. We'll go back to staring at the carpet again. Thanks, Gamebanshee.

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