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Diablo III trashes old Diablo classes, only fishes out Barbarian

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How do you improve perfection? According to Blizzard, you don’t. Speaking with Kotaku, the chilly giant revealed that, aside from the Barbarian, you’ll see neither hide nor hair of any Diablo/Diablo II classes in Blizzard’s latest jaunt through hell.

Using the Necromancer as an example, lead designer Jay Wilson explained that Blizzard is letting the class rot because it was too awesome – “a victim of his own success.” Following that line of thought, the brutish Barbarian is staying onboard because he has “room for improvement.”

Barring that, however, you’ll only find newcomers surrounding Diablo III’s camp fire – including the eerily Necromancer-esque Witchdoctor.

Petition’s on the way, we’re sure.

By Nathan Grayson

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