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Diablo 4 is 40% off as part of early Black Friday deals

Save some money.

Diablo 4
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

As part of Black Friday deals, Diablo 4 is on sale for 40% off. This includes all editions of the game.

You can look over the different editions here, and here's a price breakdown: the Ultimate Edition is on sale for $59.99 (reg. $99.99); the Digital Deluxe Edition is on sale for $53.99 (reg. $89.99); and the standard edition is on sale for $41.99 (reg. $69.99).

Diablo 4 BlizzCon 2023 Campfire ChatWatch on YouTube

In addition to the sale, as you heard already, you can earn bonus XP and gold during Mother's Blessing week November 20-27. During this time, you will earn a 35% increase to XP and Gold in both the Seasonal and Eternal Realms for all World Tiers.

You can use this boost to dig through the Battle Pass, climb to higher Levels and World Tiers, and complete the Season Journey to confront the Trials in the Abattoir of Zir on December 5.

And don't forget to try out the Season of Blood storyline and challenges ahead of the Midwinter Blight event.

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