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Diablo 3 won't be getting controller support on PC

Diablo 3 on PC has a "very different rhythm" to the console versions, which is why it will be sticking with keyboard and mouse rather than getting controller support.

Speaking to Eurogamer at BlizzCon 2013, Diablo 3 console senior level designer Matthew Berger said the PC and console versions are quite different.

"The rhythm on PC is tactactactactactac - you're clicking the mouse, you're telling your character where to go, the rhythm is very different. It flows more, because you're constantly repositioning your character with the thumbstick; you're really never stationary on console, whereas on PC you're a lot more stationary," he said.

"When you're playing on the PC, you're not really looking at your character as much, you're kind of focusing on the cursor. Whereas on console it's the exact opposite, you're drawn in."

Part of the reason for this different rhythm is the addition of evasion to the console versions, which makes the gameplay faster in some ways. The camera is also more zoomed in, so players need to sue evade to move to safety rather than imply clicking away from danger. The result is that the two versions play quite differently.

"If I let you use the controller on the PC, then I have to let you use the user interface that goes with it, and if I give you the roll and I haven't throttled the number of enemies attacking you because the mouse-and-keyboard players can handle all those enemies, but with a controller you have too many guys," Berger added.

"The games have really been structured to take advantage of their environment and their ecosystem, so in the same way it would not be a good fit to put a mouse and keyboard on the console. It wouldn't work."

As well as the Mac and PC version, Diablo 3 is available now on PS3 and Xbox 360, and coming to PlayStation 4, including as a fancy Ultimate Evil Edition with the expansion, Reaper of Souls. Blizzard is considering supporting Remote Play on Vita for the PS4 version.

Thanks, Polygon.

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