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Diablo 3 patch adds Ancient items, treasure Goblin notifications

Diablo 3 has been updated with a huge stack of delicious changes.


The new Diablo 3 patch is probably the biggest set of changes to the dungeon crawler since the Ultimate Evil Edition launch.

Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of Ancient items, which are more powerful versions of Legendary items, which drop at Torment I or higher, or possibly whenever you receive a Legendary or Set item in a drop, craft one, or buy it from Kadala.

Since there are now even better things to find than Legendary gear, the most rare Legendary items have been made a little bit less rare.

Some of the other highlights include a message when a Treasure Goblin has been killed or escaped, and an increase in stack size of Crafting Materials and Gems to 5000.

In addition, there are loads of bug fixes and balance changes. For all the details, visit for the Mac and PC patch notes or the console patch notes. The console notes are much shorter and easier to parse if you just want the executive summary.

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