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Destiny: Rise of Iron visual guide - Iron Medallion locations for the Beauty of Destruction quest

Destiny: Rise of Iron challenges players to hunt Iron Medallions in order to complete the Beauty of Destruction quest and score the mighty Iron Gjallarhorn.


Destiny: Rise of Iron players who want the Year 3 Gjallarhorn or Iron Gjallarhorn have their work cut out for them. The questline Echoes of the Past includes a mission called Beauty of Destruction during which they'll need to collect a number of Iron Medallions to proceed with the story.

If you want to find the Iron Medallions yourself without our help, there's one on Felwinter Peak, four in the Plaguelands, and two in the Wretched Eye Strike. They'll be marked by your Ghost when you get close, and you can spot them from a distance if you peer down the scope of an Iron Banner sniper rifles such as Wayloran's March.

You can locate the Iron Medallions in Destiny: Rise of Iron at any time, but you can't pick them up until you've triggered the Beauty of Destruction questline as part of Echoes of the Past, so don't bother going hunting until you need to.

If you're in a hurry to complete Beauty of Destruction and Echoes of the Past, we've got screenshots and descriptions of how to find the Iron Medallions below.

On desktop, you can use the contents boxout to the right to skip down to precisely the Iron Medallion you're after. And yes, we've got directions to find Site 6, Destiny: Rise of Iron's most elusive zone.

Felwinter Peak Iron Medallion (social)

One Iron Medallion is available at the Iron Temple, the new social space on Felwinter Peak.

To collect the Iron Medallion, you need to complete part of the Felwinter Peak jumping puzzle. You can see the start of the route if you stand near the Postmaster.


After you reach the first wolf statue, turn back inwards and cross the taller rock.


Once safely across this obstacle, the Iron Medallion should be visible almost immediately as you turn to face the path forward through the puzzle.


Plaguelands Iron Medallions (patrol)

There are four Iron Medallions available in the Plaguelands which you can access in patrol mode. If you follow the order presented below, you can quickly knock over most of the Beauty of Destruction quest in one tour of the patrol zone.

Lord's Watch Iron Medallion

Before moving off the platform where you spawn in after selecting Plaguelands patrol mode, look to your right to spot this small building housing an Iron Medallion.


The entrance to the building is on the far side from the spawn point. The Iron Medallion is on a shelf inside.


Giant's Husk Iron Medallion

After grabbing the previous Iron Medallion, grab your Sparrow and zoom along the path in this direction to the next zone, Giant's Husk. Keep following the path right along until you reach the following zone, the Doomed Sea. Stop and turn around, re-entering Giant's Husk. There's a huge cargo ship on your left with a couple of huge cargo cranes on it - one sort of hidden away to the left and behind you, and another one right smack in front of you. Make a note of the second one.


Zoom along under the ship's hold to the far end and you can climb up to the deck through a rocky tunnel.


Once on deck, line yourself up with that crane we looked at before - it's the one with the net slung across the base, closest to the tunnel you used to climb up here. If you stand as shown in this screenshot, the Iron Medallion will be just to your right and down.


The Iron Medallion is tucked away slightly below the main ground level up here, in a gap in some crates right by the crane. There are multiple similar gaps near here so look for this crate marked with the Splicer symbol if you're having trouble.


Archon's Keep Iron Medallion

After grabbing the last Iron Medallion, zoom off along the path to the next zone, Doomed Sea, and onwards to the next one, Archon's Keep. Your starting point is the entrance to Archon's Forge, a PvE event arena; the building housing it is a big central feature of this zone so you shouldn't have trouble. (If you're worried, look for the foundry with a SIVA tether on it; the building you want is nearby.)


Standing facing the entrance as shown above, look left to spot some rubble tucked away in a corner of the zone.


The Iron Medallion is in this rubble. It's really hard to see because of the colour, as we discovered when we came to mark the screenshot. Just poke about in this corner.


Site 6 Iron Medallion

To get to Site 6, enter Archon's Forge by exploring the central building in Archon's Keep. Right at the end of the tunnels you'll find the PvE event arena itself. You might need to wait for an event to end before you can proceed, but if it's clear, drop down into the arena itself and look for this SIVA-covered wall. If you hug the left wall after first dropping down you'll come to it eventually.


Closer to the wall you can see it hides a tunnel leading deep under the structure.


Follow the tunnel until you reach an area called the Warrens. As soon as you drop down into this area, you'll want to turn left, hugging the wall. This will lead you to another rocky tunnel.


As you follow the tunnel you found in the Warrens, bearing left and you will reach this even smaller tunnel with loads of SIVA. You need to crawl and make several turns to get all the way through. At the other end you'll drop down into Site 6.


Once you drop down into Site 6, hug the left wall and you'll come to an area with some very large pipes.


The Iron Medallion is on the ground in the corner of the pipes.


The Wretched Eye Iron Medallions (strike) - coming soon

There are two Iron Medallions to be found during The Wretched Eye strike. Both are right near the start.

Forgotten Pass Iron Medallion

Start The Wretched Eye strike and follow the objective. Shortly after you start you'll see this bridge. The Iron Medallion is on the far side - watch out for traps!


Look for these crates just over the bridge. The Iron Medallion is at the base of the first one.


For some reason, you might need to crouch before you'll be able to pick it up.


Bunker Triglav Iron Medallion

From the last Iron Medallion, continue on until you see this walkway. This is your cue to ignore the objective marker and head to the left.


Enter this rocket hangar and scan the left wall.


You'll see this doorway. Head in and search.


The iron medallion is on some rubble near a doorway.


With the seven Iron Medallions in hand, you can turn in Beauty of Destruction and continue with the Echoes of the Past Exotic quest, eventually securing your very own Year 3 Gjallarhorn or Iron Gjallarhorn.

That wasn't so bad, was it? Destiny: Rise of Iron has lots of collectibles, but these are probably the easiest of the lot.

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