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Destiny 2: Wellspring Weapon guide. How to get Tarnation, Come to Pass, Fel Taradiddle, and Father's sins

Looking to complete REVERSE LURE or the Hardware of the throne triumph? Here's how to earn the wellspring weapons in Destiny 2: THe Witch QYeen

Collecting and crafting all wellspring weapons - Come to Pass, Fel Taradiddle, Tarnation and Father’s Sin - in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is one of the most important tasks in the post-campaign. Part of the evidence board quest line, as well as being great weapons in and of themselves, every player should be looking to collect them.

As such, this guide will run through each and every wellspring weapon, when they will be available, and the Hardware of the Throne triumph they are an integral part of.

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All Wellspring weapons in Destiny 2: the Witch Queen

The Wellspring is a rotating PvE activity available on Savathun’s Throne World. In it, you and five players either fight your way through The Hive towards the Wellspring at the heart of Savathun’s fortress, or defend it from oncoming Scorn forces.

The activity has rotating weapon drops from the final chest depending on the day. The rotation goes as follows:

  • Attack: Come to Pass
  • Defend: Tarnation
  • Attack: Fel Taradiddle
  • Defend: Father’s Sin

Hardware of the Throne Triumph - full gun list

Hardware of the Throne, a triumph that’s part of the Witch Queen meta achievement, requires you to craft nine total weapons across both Throne World Drops and the Wellspring event. The full list of weapons you need to craft can be found below:

  • Come to Pass
  • Fel Taradiddle
  • Pointed Inquiry
  • Empirical Evidence
  • Forensic Nightmare
  • Likely Suspect
  • Father’s Sin
  • Tarnation
  • Red Herring

While the Wellspring rewards are fairly simple to obtain, simply requiring you to run the event on certain days when the weapon you need it available, Throneworld weapons can be more dubious to acquire.

There are a handful of great sources of legendary weapons from the Throne World that you should always be doing. Public events are a great option, especially if you trigger their heroic counterpart. Rewards from Fynch reputation are a great choice too, so be sure to collect their rewards once you reach a new level.

However, one source you may have overlooked are golden patrol missions. You can see these on your tactical screen as golden circles with a star in the middle. The patrol takes you to a small area nearby and has you fend off a small group of enemies for a guaranteed legendary weapon reward. As such, you should always do these patrols if you see them!

With that, we’ve reached the conclusion of our Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Wellspring weapons guide. For more Destiny 2: The Witch Queen content, check out our guide on all the Throne World Moth locations.

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