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Destiny 2 Presage Exotic Quest | How to complete The Voice on the Other Side for Dead Man's Tale

A secret exotic has been teased for Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen since it was announced, and many were speculating when we'd finally get a chance to get our hands on something new. Not many Guardians guessed we'd get the Presage Quest in just the second week of content though!

Dead Man's Tale is a new exotic scout rifle available in Destiny 2 and you can get it by discovering a brand new spooky mission: The Voice on the Other Side. However, if you log in, you will get no prompt to start, so let's walk you through how to get this new exotic and navigate the spooky corridors of the Glykon.

Destiny 2 Presage Exotic Quest - How to get Dead Man's Tale

To start this quest, you need to hop into the current Nightfall, The Arms Dealer.

As you start, around the first corner, you'll notice something new. A door that is usually closed is now open on the right. Head through it. The room is full of Scorpius turrets.

Dispatch them and go out into the hangar and continue to clear any enemies in your way. On the platform to your right, there is a container that has a datapad. Activate it.

The Voice on the Other Side – Part 1: Intercepted Distress Signal

Activating the data will give you the Intercepted Distress Signal. You can continue the Nightfall if you so choose, but you are safe to leave now.

Either way, head back to the Tower and talk to Zavala. He will now have an Exotic Quest called The Voice on the Other Side for you.

Okay. You're good to go. Open up your director and open the Tangled Shore. On the top left of the Map, there is a new marker for the Exotic Quest: Presage. Launch it.

Presage Exotic Quest

After a neat cutscene, you'll now find yourself aboard a spooky abandoned ship that is not at all welcoming.

Naturally, you're headed inside. It's not through the big door in front of you though. Look to your left. There will be some pipes and platforms. Float on over to those. Keep jumping around the outside of the ship.

You'll loop around the other side and eventually, you will see a small opening that will lead you inside.

Move through the air vent until you end up in a long room.

Do a 'U' shape to your left until you reach the end of the hall and lookup. Jump to the platforms and continue. You will eventually come to a dead end. Look down and shoot the vent you are stood on. Carry on until you find a lever.

Pull it. You'll open the big door where you started but also another to your left.

You will see a big blue wall that will hurt you if you touch it. To the left of it, you will see some bulbous looking plants.

These work a little like the flowers in the Leviathan raid. Everyone standing near them when you shoot them will get a buff called Egregore Link. This lasts for 15 seconds and is the primary mechanic of the whole quest. This buff allows you to safely cross the blue walls.

In this next room, just look up. There is an opening to hop up into. This will bring you into a small room.

Travel towards where there is some light and hop up into the next room. Then continue to hop up the platforms and pipes.

Keep moving until you find yourself in a big room with an electrical field. The door to your right is open so head in there and... surprise! Scorn. Screebs to be exact.

Dispatch all of them, then move to the end of the room and turn left.

There is a lever here; Pull it. Now head back to where you came in.

A door will have opened with one of those bulbous plants. Shoot it and get the Egregore Link buff. Now hop across the way and pass through the blue wall before time runs out. A couple more screebs will spawn so be careful. Then look up at the end of the room and hop up.

You'll see an opening into another room. Jump across to the platform and again to the other floor. To your right will be an exposed fuse. Shoot it and a door will open.

Head down and more screebs will spawn. Take them out, then look up behind you and you will see a grated floor. Hop up there and pull the lever.

Then jump down to the other side of the room. The top door will be open. Hop over to the other side of the next room and pull the lever there.

Head back into the previous room. Underneath the door you initially opened, another door will have opened with another exposed fuse. Shoot it. Then move back up into the room above you.

Look down, you will see a little platform. Hop down (the platform will move for you to stand on as you fall.). Drop down through the door.

Okay. Things are about to get a little bit Star Wars.

Activate the lever at the end. The walls will start closing in on you. Look at the floor. There will be some fuses lit up (These are randomly placed, so you'll have to find those on your own.)

Once you shoot three fuses a hatch will open, Head into the now open vent before your are squished.

Travel through the vent system and drop down into a new room. This is your first real combat encounter.

A bunch of Scorn will spawn. Kill all of them. A door will then open. Move through until you go into a spooky dark room which leads into a hangar.

Get ready for a second combat encounter. This one is much lengthier, so prepare for a tougher fight. Make your way through the waves of Scorn, until you have beaten all of them.

Move to the back hangar opening and start heading your way around the platforms on the outside of the ship. Enter a new hangar and jump on top of the docked ship and onto the raised platform. Make your way through the vents until you drop down.

This new room will be the hub for a series of puzzles. To the right is another blue wall you have to cross. To find the plant to let you through, there is a lever to the left as you entered the room. Get the Egregore Link and go through the blue wall. Kill any enemies in the new room.

Now, there is a lever in the middle of the room which opens a door across from you which had an exposed fuse. Shoot that, but preferably from a distance.

This will bring down the electrical field above you for a couple of seconds. Once that's off, jump up before it is reactivated.

On the right is a lever. Pull that. Then head into the room on the left and pull that lever too. Drop down back into the room, and you will have opened a door to another bulbous plant. Shoot it then turn around. Jump up the platform and pass through the blue wall before your Egregore Link runs out.

Enter this new room and clear any enemies.

In the middle of the room is a lever, pull that. Now go back to the lower level and a door will have opened with a Scorpius turret. Destroy that and then blow the fuse that is in that little room.

Head out and then up the ramp to your right and a door revealing another bulbous plant will have opened. Shoot that and get your Egregore Link. The blue wall is on the floor this time. Turn to your left as you leave the plant, it's at the end of the room.

Drop down and into the red room and shoot the vents off the wall. It's about to get real spooky.

You're in a dark maze and there are screebs in here so tread lightly. The opening to your right holds a bulbous plant.

The opening to your left is where you need to go. Get the Egregore Link from the plant and then head across the way. You'll eventually come to a left turn. Take it. Then continue up the hall and around the right corner and you'll be able to go through a blue wall.

You'll find a lever past this. Pull it. This opens the way back into the puzzle room hub. A previously closed door will now be open. Shoot the bulbous plant once more and the new door is directly across. Pass through the blue wall.

This will eventually lead you to a new room with some Scorn.

Do as a Guardian do, and murder them all. Travel to the end of the room, and behind some fungus gunk on the left is a lever to pull. That will then open a vent to your immediate left as you turn around.

Shoot the fuse in there. Go all the way to where you came in and a new door will have opened with our favourite bulbous plant inside. Get your Egregore Link and sprint to the end of the room again. On your right is the blue wall you have to pass through.

You'll be in a new area filled with pipes and platforms. Make your way through them until you find a single Scorn. Kill them and then hop up.

There is a lever here. Be alert! This opens a door right behind you that has a Scorpius turret in it. Kill it before it kills you!

Now go back through the way you came. As you jump down to a platform, you should see a fuse you can shoot on a wall across from you. This opens a door on the platform up on your right. This has a blue wall in it, so move back to where you entered the room and shoot the bulbous plant there. Then sprint to that blue wall before your Egregore Link runs out.

You'll now see another bulbous plant. Shoot that and head to your left as you leave and up to where that Scorpius turret tried to kill you. To the left of that is the blue wall you have to pass through.

Locus of Communion

On the other side, you'll see a banner circle. Place a raid banner, it's fighting time. Shoot the bulbous plant and pass through the blue wall. Then travel down the vent.

You'll now be faced with the mission's boss, Locus of Communion. Do some damage to him and he will disappear fairly quickly.

He will spawn on the floor below you, but don't worry about that yet. Clear the room of enemies and then look for a computer panel on one end of the room.

Activate it. Opposite that computer is another. Activate that. To get to the last one, you need to be quick. It's in a special room in the middle. Run in and you will notice you'll start burning. Look for the computer in there as fast as possible and activate it before being cooked alive. This will turn off the burning effect.

Now it's time to go find the boss again. To get down to him, head to the ends of one of the rooms. There is a blue light to guide you. Down here you will find enemies and the boss. Do damage until the burning turns back on. Move back upstairs and repeat the process another time until he's out of health.

Once the boss is dead, a small hatch will have opened across from the room that was trying to cook you alive. Head through there and shoot the vent to drop down. You will enter a new room with some... unfortunate remains of a dead Guardian. Take his weapon, he won't be needing it.

Completing The Voice on the Other Side – Part 2

Don't panic when the gun disappears and you don't have it. To finish The Voice on the Other Side and claim the exotic weapon, you need to travel back to Zavala in the Tower where he will debrief you and hand over the Dead Man's Tale. You survived the horrors of the Glykon. Well done!

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