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Destiny 2 cosmetic event pits mechs against monsters this April

With stellar skins on both sides, the player base has been torn in two by this annual vote.

It’s that time once again - the Destiny 2 annual skin clash is back and this time has a new and improved selection of monsters vs mechs, with the winner securing a spot in the Destiny 2 cosmetic store in the near future. Every Destiny 2 player willing to sign up for emails from bungie will be able to vote for their team of choice, with the winner being added into the game later this year.

Polls for the community vote open April 7, and run almost a full week until April 13. At that point, the votes will be tallied and everyone who participated will be rewarded with an exclusive Broken Barriers Emblem for free. As such, even if you don’t think your team of choice will clutch out a win this year round, it’s worth making your voice heard.

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Let's take a closer look at these designs, starting with the monsters. To the left we have a cyclops / monkey hybrid mostly covered in sleek metallic armour except from your da’s hairy legs dominating the bottom half. Next up we have a cool fish set taking centre stage, packing an illuminated visor and elbow pads for lighting up deep dark places. FInally, and this is by far the best skin, we have a super unsubtle godzilla set on the right - paired with giant tail cape. This is rad, and frankly carries the Monster team on its lonesome.

Taking a gander over at the mech team, and it’s clear all three are inspired by gundam and other iconic eastern robot designs. The far left is a tasty rocks a blue and white colour scheme reminiscent of the original gundam. The centre has a more ambiguous look inspiration wise, but manages to stand out from the rest with sleek panels and clothwork across the back. FInally, the orange mech on the right is a certified winner - you’ve got to love asymmetrical armour.

What do you think? Let us know below which of the two teams look best, and be sure to enable email contact on your bungie account in order to vote for your favourite. For more Destiny 2 coverage, check out our guide on all the moth locations in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, as well as where you can find all the darkness rifts.

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