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Destiny 2: Beyond Light has introduced a new loot cave to the game

If heading to the original loot cave in the newly re-introduced Cosmodrome wasn't enough for you, Destiny 2 players can now visit a brand new loot-farming location.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light may have vaulted a few locations and sunset a plethora of fan-favorite weapons, but it's also introducing a couple of cool new features – and some, probably unintentional, throwbacks.

In case you don't remember or need a quick primer, the original loot cave was a place Guardians could shoot into infinitely to farm engrams and raise their power level (if they were below the soft cap). Now, a new location has appeared that lets modern Guardians do the same thing, some six years after the original loot cave was 'shut down'.

To take advantage of this new location before it, too, is disabled, simply spawn into the Cosmodrome at the Steppes, and then make a U-turn to head to The Divide.

Look for the three buildings to the right of the Walker Tank spawn point and clear out all the enemies in the area around you. Head into the three buildings and you’ll find a room with a spawn door and some patrolling enemies. If you have your Daily Prime Attunement, you should start to see some good results rolling in.

As per one player's account, it takes about 45 minutes to net a Prime Engram and half a Battle Pass rank. Another loot caver suggested that after an hour they had eight blue engrams, two purple ones, and two Prime Engrams (thanks, PCGamesN).

If you're eager for more Destiny 2, fret not – there's a lot more coming post-Beyond Light launch. Bungie recently confirmed, for example, that Crucible matches will run at 120fps on next-gen consoles, with both consoles receiving next-gen optimization upgrades on December 8.

If you need some Destiny 2: Beyond Light guides, check out how to get the Duality Exotic Shotgun here, as well as how to get the Fang of Xivu Arath Artifacthow to unlock Stasis and where to find the Perdition Lost Sector.

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