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Destiny 2 Best in Class: How to get The Title SMG and Medallion Case

Here's how to complete the Best in Class quest and get yourself a shiny, new SMG.

Guardian Games have made a return to Destiny 2, and the Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters are all going head to head. So far, it appears that the Warlocks are on their way to victory, but only time will tell.

Throughout the PvE event, players can earn various new items while they try to overthrow other classes, and a new quest - Best in Class - is available. This quest is an introduction to the Guardian Games that's primarily aimed at newcomers, and while it's relatively straightforward, there's still quite a lot to complete for it.

To help, we'll walk you through the Best in Class quest in Destiny 2, and explain how you can get your hands on The Title SMG and a Medallion Case for storing all of your Laurels.

How to complete the Best in Class quest in Destiny 2

First things first, you'll want to kick the quest off by speaking with Eva Levante at The Tower. Using Laurels, purchase a Contender Card from Eva. There are different types of cards at different costs, depending on their difficulty.

Using the cards (you can only have one card at a time), you can earn medallions and progress for your class if you manage to successfully complete one.

After having spoke with Eva and purchased a Contender Card, you need to spend some time earning Laurels and a Medallion. We talk all about how to get yourself plenty of Laurels here, and to earn a gold medal, complete the Contender Card that you just purchased.

Now that you've got some Laurels and a medal, speak with Eva Levante again. She will now give you the Medallion Case so that you can store more Laurels and track your progress during the Guardian Games event.

The Guardian Games podium is found at The Tower in Destiny 2.

After this, make your way to the Guardian Games podium so that you can deposit the medallion you earnt earlier.

Now, speak with Eva Levante again. She'll give you a new quest - Medallion Battallion - and ask that you speak with Commander Zavala. Speak to Commander Zavala and they will give you access to the Guardian Games: Recreational Playlist.

The Guardian Games: Recreational Playlist can be accessed from an icon you'll see when you open the map of the Tower, and is essentially the same as the Vanguard Ops playlist (strikes) - with the addition of scoring. Complete a couple of the Guardian Games: Recreational Playlist runs to earn Vanguard Medals, and when you're done, speak with Commander Zavala again.

Zavala will give you the Shoot to Score quest, and access to the Guardian Games: Training Playlist. Now, you need to speak with Eva Levante once more. Speaking with Eva will mark the end of the quest, and for your time and effort, you'll finally be rewarded with The Title SMG.

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