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Dead Space remake gets an art design focused livestream later this week

Viewers can tune in Thursday, May 12 to get a look details on things like environment and character design.

A new livestream from EA and Motive will be airing later this week, set to focus on the Dead Space remake's art design.

The livestream will be taking place this coming Thursday, May 12, at 6pm BST, where viewers will be able to tune in via the Dead Space YouTube channel, or the Motive Twitch channel. It's mainly going to focus on the upcoming remake's art design, where the team at Motive will show early footage demonstrating how it it is utilising the Frostbite engine, and new-gen hardware and PCs to visually evolve and remake the original Dead Space's environments, characters, VFX, lighting and more.

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Announced in July last year during EA Play Live 2021 (and more-or-less leaked a month before that), the remake of the 2008 horror game is set to be a new-gen exclusive game, i.e. just on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. So far all the gameplay we've seen of it is early development footage, a unique tactic in the game's industry.

Most developers seem to be hesitant to let onlookers peek behind the curtain, but Motive has been very transparent with its development process. This upcoming livestream is likely going to be no different, though as it's focused on the game's art design, there might be a touch less gameplay shown off than previous streams.

While it is a remake of the original title, there will be some differences with this new version of the game. For one, Isaac Clarke, the game's protagonist, will talk in this one, though apparently only when spoken to and in situations where it makes sense. Isaac was voiced in later games, and voice actor Gunner Wright will be reprising the role.

And depending on the weapon you chose to dismember a necromorph with, the enemy aliens will be affected in different ways, with more detail in the dismemberments too.

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