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Dead Space 2: Severed video stills emerge

Three screenshots of Severed, the “all-new digital download pack” announced for Dead Space 2 last month, have popped up online. Each was taken from the latest "Questions with Steve" Q&A video featuring the game's executive producer, Steve Papoutsis.

Get the screen pulls over on Gamerzines, and watch the video with Papoutsis below.

The DLC features two standalone chapters starring Gabe and Lexine from Dead Space: Extraction, who are trying to escape the Sprawl which is crawling with Necromorphs.

It’ll run in parallel Issac Clarke’s story.

PS3 and Xbox 360 users will be the recipients of the DLC, as EA told VG247 when Severed was announced it would not be heading to PC.

No date or price yet.

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