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Dead Space 2 producer: Visceral "really needed to adjust" Dead Space's weapons


Visceral Games' Steve Papoutsis has said the original Dead Space's weaponry needed tweaking for the sequel, to make it "more fun".

"We looked at all of [the weapons from Dead Space] and we decided there were some that we really needed to adjust," Papoutsis said, in the fourth episode of Visceral's "Ask Steve" video question and answer sessions.

"We went through all the weapons that existed in the original game, tweaked those slightly, [made] them more fun".

The executive producer highlighter the flamethrower as an example of a neglected weapon. "The flamethrower for instance - we really wanted to improve that, make people want to use it more," he commented.

Papoutsis nominated the plasma cutter as his favourite weapon from the original.

You can see the full episode below, which also covers the game's hardcore mode and levelling up multiplayer characters.

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