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Dead Space 2: kill Steve Papoutsis, get shiny things [Update]

Whatever the clock says in your location, it's time to go play some Dead Space 2 multiplayer. Producer Steve Papoutsis is online right now, promising to hand out rewards to anyone who manages to take him down.

Just moments ago, Papoutsis tweeted:

"On as leveluptime in DS2 MP. Come get something special if you kill me."

An earlier tweet suggests the challenge is restricted to Xbox Live players.

Against-the-dev multiplayer events for Dead Space 2 players had been confirmed by Visceral's Shereif Fattouh, but the lack of forewarning suggests Papoutsis organised this one on the spur of the moment.

[Update] The event concluded as the Superbowl resumed after the halftime show, with Papoutsis confirming the item won by lucky fraggers was a yellow urban camo viral suit, and adding that one of the Visceral team was hosting their own multiplayer giveaway the same thing on the PlayStation Network.

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