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Dead Space 2 beta currently being rolled out to "dedicated fans"


Sprouting sharp, fleshy appendages? Feeling oddly compelled to slowly hobble over to a nearby janitor and just claw his chest cavity open?

Check your email. You may already be a necromorph.

Kotaku's reporting that EA's sending out Dead Space 2 beta invites to a select few PS3-owning "dedicated fans." Deadicated? Please excuse us; we have a problem.

The obvious implication? The space marine vs. necromorph multiplayer beta's gearing up to kick-off. So keep F5-ing that inbox. If you're hoping to live out your space janitor-gutting fantasies prior to Dead Space 2's January release, this is probably your best shot.

Unless, of course, you're right behind u-- OH GOD WHY [Sounds of a chest cavity tearing in two followed by the girliest screams you've ever heard].

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