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Days Gone shows off zombie wolves and bears in new trailer

364 days have gone by since we last saw Days Gone...but now, here it is again.

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This new footage shows the game's hero, Deacon, on a mission to rescue his pal Manny. The demo opens with him riding his motorbike out of the encampment he seems to live in, at which point he's attacked by zombie wolves (which seem to run faster and act more aggressively than real wolves). Thankfully, he's able to take the leader of the pack out with his sawn-off shotgun.

Deacon is soon attacked by a pair of wandering gang members, who he takes out through a quick time event. Deacon finds Manny's abandoned bike nearby, and follows tracks into an enemy encampment that is being guarded by strung up zombies, which attack if he gets too near. He stealthily sneaks into their camp, taking out enemies by luring them with loud noises and traps. This is the sort of standard stealth action we've seen in many games, but with a slight twist - when he manages to trap one enemy in a beartrap, their screams alert nearby zombies.

Deacon continues on as the gang members try to free their screaming friend, and soon encounters a massive swarm of zombies. He sneaks past them, and later explodes a wall that was preventing them from reaching another gang of bad guys. The explosion lures the horde into the enemy camp, and Deacon sits back to watch the violence ensue. He rescues his pal Manny...and then finds himself face to face with a zombie bear as the demo ends.

Last month voice actor Sam Witwer promised that Days Gone would be back in a big way at this E3, so we'd expect to learn more before E3 is over. The game is from Bend Studios, perhaps best known for Uncharted: The Golden Abyss on Vita, and differentiates itself from other zombie games with its massive swarms.

A release date was not announced, but the game will be a PS4 exclusive.

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