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Dave Jones squelches rumor he's leaving Dundee for Epic Games


Yesterday, a rumor was circulating that Realtime Worlds founder Dave Jones had taken a job with Epic Games.

Today, the APB creative director has told Develop the rumor is untrue.

According to a response Dave Jones posted over on Develop's website, the rumor is untrue, as he is not joining Epic and has no plans to leave Dundee.

"I'm still in Dundee and not in any way joining Epic," he wrote. "No idea where that rumour came from."

UK's the Herald issued a report yesterday, claiming Jones had been given a "senior post at North Carolina-based Epic Games".

It was rumored last month Epic was looking to snap up APB, but Epic's official response to the rumor was: "if any talks like that are going on, then they would be confidential."

Realtime Worlds’ Dundee studio shuttered last month after a buyer for the studio wasn't found, with the firm's administrator Begbies Traynor said, there are still potential buyers interested in APB.

“It is understood that there are a number of companies interested in buying the game,” stated the Herald report. “Some are said to want to put it back into development for a few months, while others are said to be interested in the customer-relationship software.

“Begbies is currently carrying out due diligence on various offers and is planning to reach a decision in the coming weeks.”

Last month, Realtime's former MyWorld lead artist Tahir Rashid – now co-company director and art department head at Electric TopHat – admitted the game was bought by US firm Kimble Operations, which has ties with former Realtime Worlds chairman and chief strategy officer Ian Hetherington.

Via 1UP.

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