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Darksiders originally planned as four player co-op

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, riding out together on co-op adventures? Yes, Darksiders developer Vigil thought that would be pretty neat, too.

“Originally, Vigil wanted to do a four player co-op game,” Darksiders 2 lead designer Haydn Dalton told IncGamers of the first game in the series.

“Realistically, though, we didn’t have much console experience and it was a whole new genre for us. So instead we went down the less risky route and focused on a single one of them."

Dalton said Vigil considered some cort of co-op play for the second game, but decided not to tamper with the original's popular formula. It's still something the team thinks about, though"

"I don’t think there’s anyone here that likes Darksiders and doesn’t like the idea of causing destruction with three buddies," he added.

“The puzzles would have to change quite a lot, because we design them with a single person’s perspective in mind. Co-op puzzles would be a whole new challenge for us, and how the game would work if someone decided that they wanted to play by themselves.”

Darksiders 2 is entirely single-player, but has some social aspects in that friends can trade looted items with each other. It launches on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in mid-August.

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