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Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition is free on PC if you own the franchise pack

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition comes to PC tomorrow, and some folks may be getting it for free.

According to an email sent by Nordic Games, the company is offering three reward tiers for both existing fans and newcomers to the franchise.

Owners of the Darksiders Franchise Pack ($59.99) purchased or activated through Steam before tomorrow, November 5 will receive Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition on PC for free.

Those who own the original Darksiders 2, purchased or activated through Steam before November 5, can pick up the Deathinitive Edition for 80% off during release week.

The third tier provides a 20% discount on the Deathinitive Edition during release week for those who do not own the aforementioned.

More details on the reward tiers are posted on the game's Steam page.

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition was released worldwide on October 27 in both boxed and digital versions on PS4 and Xbox One.

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