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Darksiders 2: The Demon Lord Belial DLC drops this week

Darksiders 2 receives its third major DLC pack this week in the form of The Demon Lord Belial.

Priced at $10 or 800 MS Points, or free to Season Pass holders, the DLC has Death traveling back to the Third Kingdom where rumour has it some remnants of humanity, thought to be extinct thanks to the apocalyptic events of both games, linger on.

According to the announcement post, Death will meet his "most sinister opponents yet" - sounds like high levels only need apply - and will get to wander around on Earth as he seeks the truth and ultimately encounters Belial.

The new pack arrives on PC and Xbox 360 worldwide on December 4. The PlayStation 3 version also drops on December 4 in the US, and migrates to Europe on December 5, in line with local network updates.

Thanks, Polygon.

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