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Dark Souls 3 Rick and Morty gank squad brings Mr. Meeseeks to Lothric

Rick and Morty fans join the gank quad madness of Dark Souls 3 PvP.


Dark Souls 3's PvP has room for all sorts of characters to find their place within its meta.

You have your solo trolls, running around tricking players, and the various gank squads.

Some even dressed up as Shrek characters defending their swamp.

None of these top the absurdity of today's video, though. YouTuber GenerationHollow and his buddies created their characters to look like Mr. Meeseeks from Rick and Morty. They're not particularly powerful, and won't take many hits, but as a group, they're an annoyance.

Watch around ten minutes of confused invaders being ganked by Mr. Meeseeks-looking players.

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