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Dark Souls 3 invader trolls hosts hard with Obscuring Ring

Dark Souls 3's Obscuring Ring is practically made for trolling.


Dark Souls 3 invader trolls hosts hard with Obscuring Ring

There are quite a bit items in Dark Souls 3 designed for PvP players. Most of them are very helpful, others could also be used for trolling, some offer a bit of both.

The Obscuring Ring is one such item. When worn, this ring makes you harder to detect. In effect, this means that your avatar becomes invisible after a certain distance.

This is a godsend for invaders looking to get the drop on hosts, especially casters and magic users.

In today's video, YouTuber Krazy equips the ring, and proceeds to trick unsuspecting hosts into crossing the dilapidated bridgein the Catacombs, AKA the ultimate trolling spot.

Not everyone falls for it, but even then, Krazy is ready to punish those who take the side road.

Here it is. Keep watching as there's more trolling later with the help of the rolling skeletal ball at you know where.

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