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Upcoming Dark Souls 2 patch to fix weapon degradation glitch

Weapon degradation wan't an intentional feature in Dark Souls 2, and now that it has carried over into Scholar of the First Sin, the glitch will be patched out in an upcoming update.

The glitch also affected the framerate of Dark Souls 2 on PC, and on all platforms with Scholar of the First Sin.

All should be fixed once the patch releases on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

"The fix will be issued and will be apparent for people running the game at 60fps as the durability decrease rate is linked to the frame rate," From Software told Kotaku.

Additional fixes will also be included and a release date will be announced for the patch in due course.

Tentative notes can be found through the Dark Souls website, but it's in Japanese so you will need Google translate to read up on the fixes - unless you understand the language, obviously.

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