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Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King - Maldron the Assassin, Alonne Greatbow, Majestic Greatsword

Explore this extra location for the Greatbow and Greatsword, but be wary of some very tricky enemies.

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At the end of the balcony you'll find the Raw Stone. Take it and go across the big chain. Maldron the Assassin invades here and will wait to the left, and on the right is a long staircase that goes to the bottom of the tower.

In the chest in the upper area are two Bonfire Ascetic, but Maldron is standing right in the way. You'll not be able to kill Maldron because he flees down the stairs. His pattern of attack is quite easy to work out. He attacks with a number of rapid blows before pausing briefly for one more attack. You can block these and then strafe to hit him from behind with a critical blow.

As you move near the stairs the area is filled with a curse and you'll have to fight enemies. There's an alcove to the right as you begin to descend and an Ashen Idol. Destroying this will remove the curse.

The first thing to do here is ignore Maldron and the chest for now, and instead run down the stairs and destroy the Ashem Idol. Now go back upstairs so you don't have to fight a whole bunch of enemies at once. You'll have to fight two Axe Demons who approach from circular platforms and a Possesed Armour that can't be destroyed until the Ashen Idol is dealt with.

Further down you'll find five Silver Talismen on the right and the Alonne Greatbow +5 on the platform in the middle. At the bottom is a chest containing a Majestic Greatsword but you'll have to deal with three Axe Demons to take it.

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