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Cyberpunk 2077 was “just a warm up”, CD Projekt says as work begins on sequel

Following Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk’s developers are raring to get back on the streets of Night City.

Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077.
Image credit: VG247/CD Projekt

CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk series has plenty of momentum built up following the release of the stellar Phantom Liberty expansion, and it certainly seems to have given CD Projekt’s devs a pep in their step as they kick off 2024 by getting to work on Cyberpunk 2077’s sequel.

If the follow-up, codenamed Project Orion, can re-capture the magic that led just over five million mercs to head for Dogtown over the latter half of 2023, it’ll have a great chance to be a rip-roaring success. We already knew CDPR had high hopes for the game, and it seems those working on it are equally keen to try and take Cyberpunk to new heights.

In a pair of tweets, Cyberpunk 2077’s quest director Paweł Sasko and narrative director Igor Sarzyński confirmed that they’ve officially kicked off work on the sequel at the new Boston studio the former revealed last year would serve as the base for the team creating the game.

“Sooo good to be back in the office -- already in the snowy Boston! Our core band had exciting discussions about next #Cyberpunk2077 game,” Sasko wrote, adding: “Love this team and our dystopian IP!” He also posted a selfie of himself alongside Sarah Gruemmer, the quest designer responsible for putting together Judy Alvarez’s excellent storyline in the original Cyberpunk.

In a reply to one comment on the post, Sasko also revealed that he will still have some involvement in the next game in the Witcher series, which is codenamed Polaris, writing: “Cyberpunk is my main IP, however I will be helping here and there with [the] new Witcher [game], also depending on the needs. There is a very seasoned team who is doing their best to bring you [an] amazing Witcher game and I fully trust them!”

Sarzyński, meanwhile, tweeted: “First day in the Boston office! So good to meet old friends and officially kickstart our Orion journey. I couldn't be more excited for this project and I'm sure we can make it something special. 2077 was just a warm-up.”

He went on to add: “Also, I can't overstate the value of working with people you know, trust and like. The space of creative vulnerability, openness and risk is where the magic happens.”

So, the wheels are already moving on Cyberpunk 2077’s follow-up, but odds are you’ll have oodles of time to enjoy plenty of trips around Night City via update 2.1 metro system before it arrives.

In other recent CD Projekt Red-related news, the developer’s Chief Strategy Officer Adam Kiciński has shot down the idea that it's looking to be acquired by a larger industry entity.

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