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Cyberpunk 2077 can be finished without killing anyone

Last year CD Projekt said that Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t be completed as a pacifist. However, because of feedback from the E3 2018 demo, you can now finish the entire game without touching a hair on anyone's head.

“Yes, that was the feedback from you guys actually, because the surveys that we got from you guys, we always check that, we really check them, and there was something that was appearing there,” lead quest designer Pawel Sasko told VG247.

“And we were like, 'we can cover it actually, it's just a bit more work, and when we can figure it out' and we made the decision, okay, f**k it, just let's support it completely, in every quest, every side quest, minor quest, every street story, absolute, literally in every possible scenario, you don't have to kill.”

This change moves Cyberpunk 2077 closer to the immersive sim school of design, and this is something the studio has spoken about a lot internally. However, CDPR doesn’t see Cyberpunk as a fully-fledged immersive sim.

“I don't think Cyberpunk is an immersive sim, to the fullest potential,” Sasko explained. “Because this is not really the game we're trying to make. However, there's lots of elements from immersive sim that you will find there. You have a fluid class system, you can pick this skill, that skill, combine them, add to it.

“As a cyberrunner you [can] use your double jump to get to the high point where there is an access point, to access the squad that you can now hack - and then, I don't know, blow their heads off or make them commit suicide or explode their brains, or do all the things that you would normally won't be able to if you were just netrunner. Because you wouldn't be able to access that point. It's cohesive everywhere. In that way it's definitely a level of immersive sim.”

Cyberpunk 2077 releases on April 16, 2020.

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