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Customers "content" with Square Enix's mobile pricing

Consuemrs are happy with square Enix's mobile pricing decisions, Legacy Final Fantasy collection director Takashi Tokita has said.

The developer told Polygon that those who've played the mobile ports are satisfied, and feel they've had value for money.

"In the beginning we did receive some concerns about the pricing, but customers have played it and saw the value and have been content with the pricing," he said.

The price is justified, he added, because the mobile versions aren't diluted in any way; they have all the content and gameplay of the console originals and re-releases.

Tokita explained that unlike PlayStation Network re-releases, mobile versions of Final Fantasy games aren't just direct ports of older releases. Each takes around one year to develop, implementing touch controls and adjusting for a smaller screen, and adding a "new polish on the graphics".

"The PlayStation Network versions aren't upscaled versions; they are basically migrations from the older system. The new Final Fantasies we are releasing form the mobile phones are better in graphics, and a lot of work has gone into them to make them a pleasant experience," he said.

The director said that games like Final Fantasy 7 and beyond are less likely to come to mobile because they would require much more work - but as Steph noted earlier, it's not totally off the cards.

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