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The truly awesome Final Symphony video game concert is returning to the UK

One of the best and most unique video game orchestra concerts is back in the UK for its 10th anniversary.

Final Symphony, which for our money is one of the very best of the many video game concert programmes out there, is set to return to the UK in 2023.

As a bonus, the show is actually setting up shop somewhere outside of London, too. Final Symphony will be performing in Birmingham, the UK’s second city, with the concert played by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, which celebrated its 100th anniversary just a few years ago.

For the uninitiated, Final Symphony takes a different approach to many video game music concerts. It’s a more traditional orchestral experience: no big screens, no light shows or fireworks displays - a more pure traditional classical music experience, but with video game music.

The concert series, led by production company Merregnon Studios, has performed a number of concerts around the world based on a variety of video game franchises. As the name suggests, however, Final Symphony is a Final Fantasy affair. Which makes sense, given that we of course crowned FF was one of the best video game series for music.

The concert set to be performed in Birmingham, UK is a programme featuring music from Final Fantasy 6, 7, and 10. The crowning piece of the symphony is the Final Fantasy 7 symphony, which is a 45-minute epic that covers almost all of the game’s most iconic themes in thrilling new arrangements. This particular concert programme was first performed in Germany in 2013.

I’ve seen this concert before, and it’s spine-tingling - and I honestly do believe it’s a step above the other concerts, which while excellent split the focus between big-screen spectacle and the music itself. While I love those events too, it's a very different sort of experience to Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy, which is back in London this October. I can’t recommend it enough.

Final Symphony: Music from Final Fantasy will take place in Birmingham, UK on 16th April 2023. Tickets will go on sale later this month, on 25th May.

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