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The least festive game of all time, with a GTA-style cast list, bizarrely just got a Christmas update

Who’s down to spend the holidays with Michael Madsen and Chuck Norris?

Some snowmen in Crime Boss: Rockay City.
Image credit: VG247/505 Games

Some people’s favourite so-bad-it’s-good 2023 release, Crime Boss: Rockay City, has just recieved a free Christmas update, giving you a reason to gift yourself a trip back to the land of half-baked 90s nostalgia this festive season.

That’s right, following a Halloween update that slapped some pumpkins onto enemies’ heads and added a slasher to the mix, Crime Boss, a game we’ve definitely said some things about in the past, is back at it again. This time, yuletide fun is on the menu, even if it doesn't look like Michael Madsen’s bothered to dress up as Santa.

What Crime Boss’ update 6.0 does do is add snowman heads to enemy gangsters, which boast a bunch of different expressions in line with the range of complex emotions playing the game elicits. These are coupled with a nice festive makeover for the main menu that somehow manages to make an alleyway look pretty cosy.

As you can see in this trailer, the update also brings some new female heister models to Crime Boss, allowing you to enjoy a bit of extra diversity within your score-taking team, and a mission set in a Police Station mission. That said, arguably the most important addition that’s been made is the fact that you can now blow up cars by firing your gun at them, which looks pretty fun.

With a bit of luck, that last mechanic might make the game a bit more appealing for those craving a dose of chaos after watching GTA 6’s first trailer far too many times since it prematurely rocked up earlier this week.

If that’s you and you’ve never tried Crime Boss before, you’re in luck, as the update’s final big inclusion is a “quality of life tutorial update”. So, hopefully that’ll help you get to grips with the game.

As you’d expect, a bunch of the usual bug fixes and gameplay adjustments you’d find in any major patch are also thrown in, including one designed to stop your hooded female teammates from being impervious to damage and one that aims to ensure enemies won’t get stuck right after spawning in.

If you like a bit of crime in your games, make sure to check out our very in-depth analysis of the GTA 6 trailer, as well as our efforts to make it a bit more palatable via the addition of some flatulence.

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