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Coronavirus has affected the production schedule for Valve Index, fewer units to be made available

Valve has said it is still working to meet the demand for its Index headset, but there will be "far fewer" units available due to the coronavirus crisis.

According to a statement provided to Upload VR, the coronavirus has affected the production schedule for Valve Index. Because of this, there will be fewer units available in the coming months than initially planned.

Valve said while it is "working hard to maximize availability," to keep track of stock, you can visit the headset's Steam page and click “Notify Me.”

Half-Life: Alyx was announced in November 2019, and after the announcement, it's estimated 103,000 units of the VR headset were sold. The unit faced worldwide shortages in the weeks to follow, and into 2020.

Half-Life: Alyx is compatible with other VR headsets so if you have another at your disposal, you could always use it until more Index units are available.

The virus has had an impact on more than just Index, as the production of Switch components have come to a halt in China, and is the reason The Outer Worlds has been delayed for Switch.

The coronavirus also led to the cancellation of The Taipei Game Show, April’s PUBG Global Series in Berlin, and has caused Sony to pull out of both Pax East and GDC this year.

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